About Making Podcasts

Making Podcasts is a resource for creators and brands to help them make a podcast.

We’ve taken our learnings, processes and systems from doing over 800 episodes of The Daily Talk Show – a seven day a week Australian talk show – and synthesised them into templates and resources that are easy to follow. 

We know that starting a podcast is scary, we know that getting guests on your podcast is daunting, and we know how hard it is to create interesting content. The pain points and tension of starting something is unnerving, so sharing our learnings is an exciting part of our vision to help other independent creators and brands find their feet. 

What do we do?

Making Podcasts creates resources to help brands and creatives build their own podcast, these include:

  • Marketing strategies for podcasts
  • The best microphone and equipment for podcasts
  • How to create a great guest experience
  • What to talk about in a podcast
  • How to host and distribute a podcast
  • Growing your podcast audience
  • How to monetise a podcast

The podcasting industry is in its infancy and is extremely exciting. The long format unveils new opportunities for brands and creators to communicate, connect dots and construct new ideas. It’s a new way to connect, engage, and develop deeper connections with your audience. 

If you’d like to know some more about Making Podcasts, feel free to get in touch!


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