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The choice of microphones in podcasting is endless, and it’s difficult to know what you actually need when it comes to wanting to produce a podcast that sounds fantastic. At a high level there are two types of microphones – dynamic microphones and condenser microphones – and they’re used for completely different purposes. You don’t […]
  1. Podcast Producing
  2. Podcast Recording
Knowing how often you should release a podcast is a common friction point for creators and brands making a podcast. For most creators starting a podcast, it’s usually a side hustle, and for brands it’s a thought-leadership or content play. Consequently, figuring out what your promise is to your audience, the frequency in which you […]
  1. Podcast Distribution
  2. Podcast Submission
Submitting your podcast to Spotify is a similar process to submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. Depending on your host, your podcast may have been automatically submitted, or alternatively, you may need to submit it manually. Spotify has its own dashboard called Spotify for Podcasters where you can oversee, claim, and submit […]
  1. Podcast Distribution
  2. Podcast Producing
  3. Podcast Submission
Submitting your podcast to Google Podcasts is a very similar process to submitting your podcast to the likes of Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Submitting Your Podcast To Google Podcasts Using Google Podcasts Manager Google have upped their presence in podcasting by offering a Podcast Manager to add and interact with the podcasts you own. Before […]

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