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The choice of microphones in podcasting is endless, and it’s difficult to know what you actually need when it comes to wanting to produce a podcast that sounds fantastic. At a high level there are two types of microphones – dynamic microphones and condenser microphones – and they’re used for completely different purposes. You don’t […]
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Knowing how often you should release a podcast is a common friction point for creators and brands making a podcast. For most creators starting a podcast, it’s usually a side hustle, and for brands it’s a thought-leadership or content play. Consequently, figuring out what your promise is to your audience, the frequency in which you […]
  1. Podcast Recording
Remote podcast recordings, not only are they convenient and relatively simple, but they further democratise podcasting by enabling those without expensive studios and setups to have great conversations with whomever they like. There’s a variety of different applications that can be used for recording a podcast remotely. You have the staples such as Skype, Zoom, […]

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