When it comes to getting your podcast featured on Apple Podcasts, it seems like it’s only the podcasts produced by big media companies that are getting featured. Well, despite what you think, there’s actually a simple process behind submitting your podcast to be featured.

Apple Podcasts’ homepage is curated by their podcast marketing team. Typically, the larger podcasts are the shows that attract eyeballs, but Apple Podcasts support creators of any size, independent or networked.

What does it mean to be featured on Apple Podcasts?

Apple Podcasts’ homepage is developed in a way to feature compelling podcasts that consistently create new episodes to help users find new things to listen to.

There are two main places to be featured on Apple Podcasts:

  • Carousel “flowcase” placement
  • Categorical placement

The carousel placement shines a spotlight on your podcast with a dedicated feature image that appears at the very top of the Browse page on Apple Podcasts.

Categorical placement features your podcast in the existing selections or categories Apple Podcasts have on their homepage. These selections are constantly created and updated by Apple Podcasts’ editorial team, so keep an eye out to see which one your podcast may fit into.

How to get your podcast featured on Apple Podcasts

Carousel “flowcase” Placement

Carousel placement

Deep within Apple Podcasts’ Podcaster Support – which provides guidelines and best practices for your podcast – is a guide on how to give your show a better chance at being featured.

The elements Apple Podcasts is looking for include:

  • A complete podcast listing – descriptions, titles, authors etc.
  • Relevant metadata – including language, category, and parental advisory
  • Attractive, original artwork in a 3000 x 3000 pixel JPEG or PNG artwork file

Once you have these elements, you can submit a feature request using the Apple Podcasts Promotion Request.

It’s important to note that Apple Podcasts require a two-week lead time before the featured content may be displayed. This means that if you’re releasing a new episode or podcast, you’ll need to give Apple Podcasts two-weeks after the date of publication to promote it.

Carousel Artwork
Promotional Artwork submitted for our original podcast, One Trick Toni.

When requesting carousel placement, it’s important to provide Apple Podcasts with the appropriate artwork and stick to their best practices.

Luckily, Apple Podcasts provide a Promotional Art template to help guide the design and artwork.

In addition to using the provided template, Apple Podcasts have a few more rules surrounding the artwork:

  • No logos, copy, season names, network or studio names, the word “podcast,” or branding items can be used in the artwork.
  • The artwork should use the full size of the canvas.
  • Avoid abrupt crops of heads or other body parts.
  • Don’t upscale your artwork.

For all the requirements and best practices, check out Apple’s Promotional Artwork Guidelines.

Categorical placement
Categorical placement

Categorical placement requires a slightly different approach as you don’t need to submit any artwork, Apple Podcasts uses your existing podcast artwork instead.

Use the Apple Podcasts Promotion Request form to submit your podcast pitch and include which category you think you should be featured in and why.

Being featured on Apple Podcasts is a great way to promote and market your podcast. Featured shows are displayed country-wide on iOS, macOS and tvOS in the Apple Podcasts app. With a compelling pitch, great artwork and a podcast to show for it, you’ve got a good chance at being featured.


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