Submitting your podcast to Spotify is a similar process to submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. Depending on your host, your podcast may have been automatically submitted, or alternatively, you may need to submit it manually.

Spotify has its own dashboard called Spotify for Podcasters where you can oversee, claim, and submit your podcast RSS feed to Spotify.

Before we can submit the podcast to Spotify, we need to make sure we have a few things:

  • Access to the email listed in the RSS feed (the <itunes:email> element in your RSS feed)
  • The link to your RSS feed (Provided by your podcast host)
  • A Spotify account

Once we have these three thing, we can get started!

  1. Head over to Spotify for Podcasters, and hit the ‘Get Started’ button to sign in with a Spotify account. If you don’t have an existing Spotify account you will need to create one.

  1. Once you have been logged in, click up on the left-hand side of the dashboard on your name. You’ll see an option to ‘Add or claim a podcast’
Click on your username
Add or claim your podcast

  1. Once you have linked to your RSS feed, you’ll need to click ‘Send Code’ to send a verification code to the email address that is listed in your RSS feed.

  1. The next step is to provide Spotify with some information to help categorise your podcast correctly, this includes:
  • The country in which your podcast is made
  • Language spoken
  • Primary category your podcast is in

  1. The last step is to review and submit your podcast on Spotify. Usually within a few days of submission, your podcast will be available on Spotify.

Congrats! You have just submitted your podcast on Spotify. You can now use Spotify for Podcasters to track your shows analytics and how listeners engage with your podcast on the Spotify app!


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