Starting a podcast can be daunting and difficult, and finding the right tools to help you with the job can prove just as frustrating.

Having produced over 1000 episodes within our Podcast Network, we’ve learnt a few things when it comes to finding your footing.

  1. The software you need to make a podcast

    The tools we use enable us to spend more time doing what we love doing. Airtable, Descript, Envato Elements, Zoom and Simplecast are our go-to recommendations for a podcast suite of applications. From recording and distribution, to producing and content creation, the aforementioned suite of tools have been instrumental in being able to produce high quality podcasts.

    Learn more about what software you need to make a podcast.

  2. The equipment you need to make a podcast

    For most, one of the biggest barriers to starting a podcast is needing the perfect microphone or perfect piece of gear to start creating. What if that’s not the case?

    There is a huge selection of microphones that exist for podcasting. Our favourite is the Audio-Technica ATR2100X. The ATR2100X is one of the very few dynamic USB microphones on the market, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so great. Dynamic microphones are perfect for podcasting in untreated rooms purely because of their ability to reject background noise and focus on vocals – making it perfect for recording a podcast.

    Included in the ATR2100’s box are cables for all types of computers, as well as an XLR cable to plug into a mixer or audio interface. At $150, it’s the perfect microphone for any podcaster.

    Learn more about what microphone you should be using to record a podcast
  1. How to submit your podcasts to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts And Spotify

    Now that you know what microphone and software you need to make a podcast, it’s time to share your podcast!

    Podcast hosts, like Simplecast, may provide automatic submission to podcast applications like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify, but other times, you may need to submit these yourself.
  1. How to increase your podcast listenership

One of the biggest questions that surrounds podcasting is how to increase your audience.

The simplest answer is consistency. Yes, there are a few strategies that will increase your downloads, but nothing is as impactful as consistently showing up and creating. By delivering on the promise you have made to your audience, to your tribe – that you will publish and episode every week, or day, or month, whatever it may be – you’ll begin to see slow growth in your listenership.

Consistency reinforces your promise; consistency shows the industry that you are serious and worth paying attention to, ultimately leading to the opportunity to be featured in Apple Podcasts, or being able to provide content to your following on social media. The flow on effects of consistency are endless.

If you are consistently delivering on your promise, below are a few strategies that may help drive listens to your show.

The tools and strategies mentioned above have come about as a result of doing over 1000 podcast episodes and by testing and learning. Starting a podcast isn’t easy, but having an awareness of what’s involved and what it takes to start gets you one start closer to starting a consistent podcast.


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