Sharing snippets from your podcast on social media is a great way to reach the wider audience and draw people to the episode. It doesn’t take much to set up a little camera – a GoPro will do the trick – but there are also creative ways to do this without a camera!

1. Instagram Tile Video Snippets

Video snippets on social media allow the audience to get a visual of the people talking. Body language, hand movements and engagement can add to the dialogue and overall listening experience. 

Video snippets can be as simple as a one-minute grab from the show published as a tile on Instagram. It is important to think about the thumbnail in this case. As you can only choose a square frame from the video, make sure the centre of the frame is engaging. If there are two people in the show, you want to place them in the middle of the shot, not on the edges.

To take these tiles to the next level there are a few things you can do:

  • A frame around the video with your podcast branding is an easy way to give your feed a clear aesthetic.
  • If you have a guest on your show, and they want to post a snippet on their feed, sending them a clip with a branded frame is a super effective way of gaining listeners. 

Another addition is captioning. As most videos on social media are watched on mute, captions are a great way to quickly engage the audience. It’s not a bad idea to spend a bit of time designing these. It’s a good opportunity to blend them in with your branding and maybe use the same font and colour. However, you want to make sure they’re not too big and distracting.

Don’t be afraid of jump cuts when editing these snippets. You want them to be punchy and under one minute so it could be necessary to cut out some ‘umms’ & ‘ahhs’.

2. Instagram TV (IGTV) Video Snippets

This is a chance to publish longer snippets of your show. Sometimes you can’t cut down the moment to under one minute. It might be an in-depth answer to a complex question, a funny story, a live music performance or a prank. Posting longer videos can give the audience a more realistic taste of your show. Some listeners won’t have the time to listen to every show, however they’ll always have time for Instagram. 

Thumbnails are really important for IGTV. They can be fully customised, so get creative with them. These have to be designed in a 9:16 canvas (1080×1920) but on your feed it will be cropped to a square. So, if you use a frame of the talent’s face and some text, make sure they’re quite close together. It will look weird as a 9:16 but when it’s cropped to a square it will look great. 

3. Instagram Story Video Snippets

When picking a moment to put on your story it has to have a strong hook. It could be an interesting question, a funny opening line, or an eye-catching graphic. Again, don’t be afraid of jump cuts here. We’ve only got 15 seconds to tell a story and invite people to listen to the episode. 

If you have a guest on your show with ‘Swipe Up’ ability – this is someone with a blue tick or over 10k followers – send them the clip and a link to the episode and ask for a Swipe Up.

If your guest doesn’t have Swipe Up ability, just make sure you tag them in the story so they can re-share it. It’s an easy thing that often gets missed!

4. Photo With Branded Frame

This is a great way to add lots of production value to an audio only episode. Spend a bit of time with the aesthetic for consistency across the board.

Some key things to include in the frame:

  • Podcast name
  • Episode number & title
  • Guest name
  • Snippet title/topic

Audio of the episode playing with a photo of the guest is a really simple yet effective way of sharing a snippet from the show, and adding captions can be a good idea to get people engaged when watching on mute. Just be careful that the frame isn’t too busy with all the different text!

5. Waveform Animation

There are plenty of free online waveform generators that you can use. Simply upload the artwork of your show, add the audio file and you’re good to go.

If you want to customise this further After Effects is a great piece of software that you can use to generate waveforms from audio. 

6. Text Animation With Photo

Text animation is super effective, engaging and creative way to share a grab from a podcast. The downside to this is it is quite time-consuming. Work hard at creating a good template that you can use consistently going forward.

Some things to include:

  • Podcast artwork or photo of the guest
  • Font and colour of your brand
  • Podcast name

7. Screen Record Of The Episode

This is the easiest way to share a snippet of your show! There’s no excuse for not posting on Instagram. Simply find the part you want to post, go to your podcast app and screen record it!


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