Whether it’s for Instagram Swipe-Ups, social posts, newsletters or bios, choosing the most effective place to send your listeners to can be difficult, what link or podcast app should you focus on?

Well, based on industry research, focusing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts are the most effective way to drive listeners to your podcast.

There’s two main ways to implement these link offs, you can either do it directly through a link shortener, or have badges on your website linking off.

Link to your podcast and episodes using podfollow

podfollow is the easiest way to generate both podcast and episode links. All you need to do is search your podcast, sign in and customise where to send listeners. By default, podfollow takes iOS users to Apple Podcasts, Android to Google Podcasts and desktop users to the podcast website, however these can be customised if you sign up. podfollow makes it easy to grab episode specific links as well!

Whilst podfollow is a fantastic free solution, it lacks advanced features like custom domains for links, analytics and the ability to set up Facebook Pixels or Google’s UTM tags.

Link to your podcast using Linkly

Linkly, whilst very similar to podfollow, gives you the option of adding a custom domain and your own branding to the link. They also offer more advanced features like retargeting using Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics’ UTM tags. Linkly is free to use up to 1,000 link clicks a month.

Linking to your own website

Linking to your own website is a good way to expose first time listeners to your brand. Despite this, few podcasters have a page set up that provides a great user experience.

To make an effective landing page for listeners, it’s a good idea to have an embedded player on your website. Undoubtedly, your podcast host has a player that can be used on your site, however, as Spotify is becoming one of the biggest players in the space, many podcasters are adopting Spotify’s embedded player, for good reason.

Alongside the embedded player, using badges to encourage listening on popular podcast apps is essential. As mentioned previously, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts give the most bang for your buck. They’ve even provided badges to help make it easier for people to listen to your podcast on their platforms:

Here’s an example of how embedded players and badges can be used together to link to an episode.

Ultimately, linking to your podcast is an important part of marketing and distributing your podcast. Giving these links out to guests for when they post about you, including them in all of your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn make for great ways to get listeners directly to your podcast without friction.


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