Finding the right software to help you make a podcast can prove difficult. There’s a plethora of applications and subscriptions that exist on the market, but how do you know which one is right for where you are right now, and where you want to be further down the line?

Since starting The Daily Talk Show in 2018, we’ve produced, recorded, and published an episode every week day, and since 2019, every day of the week. We’ve found a great suite of applications that work for what we want to do, and what we prioritise – efficiency, quality and ease of use. Doing a show every single day means that the adoption of an application or subscription can’t be difficult, and it needs to fit the purpose of exactly what we want it to do.

Simplecast – Podcast Hosting & Distribution

Simplecast’s customisable website

Simplecast is one of the world’s leading platforms in podcasting hosting, analytics and distribution. With a focus on independent podcasters and networks, Simplecast has a great offering for any sized podcaster.

With plans starting at $15 USD a month, Simplecast have one of the best products in the industry, offering:

  • Unlimited storage and uploads
  • A customisable website for your podcast
  • Industry (IAB 2.0) compliant analytics
  • Distribution to every podcast app

Their offering scales with you as you build the size of your audience, need to add another podcast, or want more detailed analytics.

Simplecast’s business model isn’t to insert ads or control your content, it’s to provide a platform that is self-serving and gives you complete control over your podcast.

With the recent acquisition of Simplecast by SiruisXM, who also own digital ads platform AdsWizz, their offering has strengthened to become a complete solution for podcasters big and small, and networks to distribute and monetise their podcasts.

Envato Elements – Creative Assets

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is THE subscription for creative projects. With millions of creative assets like jingles, images, motion templates, website themes and fonts, everything you need to make a podcast can be found on Envato Elements.

Across the BIG MEDIA COMPANY Podcast Network, we’ve used graphics, sounds effects and music to put together segments and shows.

Envato Elements eliminates the friction of starting by providing templates and royalty-free assets that can be used in your podcast, making the process of producing an episode significantly easier.

Starting from $16.50 USD per month, Envato Elements provides unlimited access and download to millions of creative assets.

Zoom – Podcast Recording

Zoom is one of the world’s largest platforms that enables virtual conferencing and online meetings, and it’s our go-to recommendation for podcast recording due to its ubiquitous nature amongst businesses and creators alike.

Zoom’s ease of use when it comes to connecting and recording, and the feature that allows the disabling of audio processing, makes it the best solution when it comes to recording a podcast.

Zoom has a free account which offers unrestricted and unlimited access 1 to 1 meetings, and 40 minute limits on group meetings. Premium plans start at $14.99 USD per month, and remove the group meeting restrictions.


The Airtable database used for The Daily Talk Show

Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid platform for building collaborative apps.

It’s a complete platform for content management, and is perfect for podcasting.

Across the BIG MEDIA COMPANY Podcast Network, we use Airtable to store details about every episode, including show notes, tags, transcriptions, social media snippets, guests and more.

Airtable have free accounts that work perfectly for podcasters starting out, but if you’re looking for more, plans start at $10 USD a month.

Feel free to learn more about why Airtable is the best software to manage podcasts, and download our Podcasting template for Airtable.



When it comes to editing a podcast, the common solution is to use the likes of Adobe Audition, or Audacity. However, Descript has perhaps built the best all-in-one platform record to transcribe, edit and mix your podcast.

When it comes to transcription, Descript is using Google’s Automatic Speech Recognition which provides up to 95% word accuracy, with speaker detection and near-instant turnaround. This means that for every podcast you’ll be able to search across your catalogue of episodes to create snippets, clips, and bring up old content.

Descript also lets you edit your audio and video, slice and dice your clip simply by editing the text in Descript. Drag and drop your music and sound effects, and use Descript’s Timeline Editor for cross fades and volume editing.

Descript has been our go-to recommendation for editing a podcast because it provides an absurd amount of functionality into a fantastic application.

Plans start at $15 USD per month, and offer 10 hours of transcription, timeline exports into more sophisticated editing programs, along with unlimited projects and screen recordings.

These five tools have been our recommendations for anyone making a podcast, and provide a great foundation to scale as you grow yourself. With over 900 episodes of The Daily Talk Show, and a growing podcast network, these platforms have scaled and supported our vision through constant feature updates, and a foundation that allows for versatility and functionality. You won’t outgrow these platforms.


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